S/PDIF problems since last update

  • Hi!

    I have never had a problem with Logic and Kemper until I update to 7.1.19. It doesn't matter what sample rate I choose, kemper freezes and goes green screen whenever I use Logic. I did a hard reset to the profiler. I set the profiler as master, choose sample rate (48k, let's say). My RME HDSPe AIO is set to listen to profiler via S/PDIF:

    Then Logic is set to the same sample rate:

    There are some other parameters I don't know how they would affect:

    When Logic is on, I start having this kind of messages from Logic and from Rig Manager and Kemper Freezes:

    The profiler always boots on 44.1k and then changes to wherever you have chosen.

    Sometimes it works for a little while. Some funny noises can be heard (some are the recognisable sample rate change) :

    Noise 1

    Noise 2

    Sample rate click

    Am I the only one having troubles with kemper and Logic?

    Thanks for reading.

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  • Ok, I found that the problem was within Logic. I trashed all preferences and it's working fine. It's strange, though, that Logic could make the profiler work so erratic.

    It took me a little while to trash the preferences thinking that the problem came with this last kemper update, instead of thinking about Logic being responsible. Nevertheless, kemper and Logic are working fine finally.

  • I had endless ghost in the machine problems with spdif between Kemper and Logic.

    I gave up and just use the analog outputs with no issues ever now.

    These profiles go to 11!

  • I didn’t have problems before. I did a lot of reamp within Logic working absolutely fine, always through SPDIF. I didn’t check it in depth, but seems to work ok in every sample rate now since I trashed Logic preferences.

    Analog outputs are absolutely fine, no chance to perceive any difference in comparison to SPDIF for a normal ear. But doing reamp seems to have too many AD/DA conversions; but I would’t probably tell the difference as well, to be honest.