Quick Review: Gator Transit Series Bag for Toaster & Remote

  • I've got one of the official Kemper bags for the toaster. It's a nice bag, but the knock on it for me is that it isn’t designed to hold the Remote. With the official Kemper bag you *can* get the Remote in, but it's a very tight fit and not something I was ever pleased with.

    Late last year, Gator Cases announced their Kemper-specific Transit Series bag. While cruising Reverb.com last week I not only found one in the States (even before COVID-19 this was somewhat rare), it was on sale.

    So, sure…..let’s spend money on something to transport gear to gigs I don’t currently have.


    The bag arrived yesterday and I must stay I’m quite pleased. It follows the same basic design as the official Kemper bag, but with a few key improvements. Compared to the Kemper bag the Gator is:

    • Nearly identical in height
    • Internal width and depth have been increased to accommodate the Remote behind the Toaster. A removable divider is included to keep them separate.
    • The end pockets are of similar size on both bags.
    • The Gator front pocket is marginally larger in width.

    To me, the Kemper bag feels well-built, but the Gator feels even more so with greater attention to detail. It’s not a huge difference, but you do notice. The color is a nice gray heather with, when compared to Gator’s usual markings, rather stylish badging. I like it a lot.

    Overall I’m very happy. It is exactly what I wanted. In my opinion this is what the Kemper bag should have been morphed (pun intended) into once the Remote became available.



  • Hi,

    I'm new here and thanks for the review of the Transit bag. I appreciate your comparison to the Kemper bag.

    I don't have a remote yet, but I want to get a bag. Would you say that the bag would hold up without the remote for a bit?