Portable Speakers for Kemper (for travelling)

  • Hello :)

    I just wanted to share my experience I made searching for portable speakers for travel purposes.

    I actually started the search with my Boss GT1 which never reaches the quality of the Kemper, but it is light and easy to use. Now I own a KEMPER and I love it.

    If you want to get a portable speaker you might start to search among the Bluetooth speakers – some of them sound very good. The problem with these Speakers is that many of them have noticeable latency when you connect the guitar/modeler to the Aux Input.

    After searching a lot and trying out quite some of these speakers I got 2 of them that work. These are:

    -         Marshall Stockwell 1

    -         Marshall Kilburn 2

    The Stockwell (first Version) is light and sounds quite good, but it has its limits with the Bass. But if you travel and you have to keep the weight low, it’s a good option. The Kilburn (second Version) sounds much better, for its size it sounds very good in my opinion.

    Some months ago I found the IK Multimedia iLound Micro Monitor and after some research I bought them (with bag). If you don’t need a battery powered speaker, they have an incredibly good sound for the size and the weight. I used them on a long Argentina trip with the Boss GT1 and travel guitar and travel bass and the sound was quite ok, but at home with the Kemper they sound GREAT !! You have to try it out to believe :)

    I would recommend them to anyone who likes to carry around good speakers to use them as Monitors for Guitar, other Instruments or portable recording. I would also recommend them for someone who likes good stereo sound in a hotel room. They definitely beat the portable Bluetooth battery powered speakers as Marshall Kilburn in my opinion.
    If you have a home recording studio you can use them as second motitors, works great!

    never thought that I would like the Kemper that much...! 8|

  • I am very interested in this comment. Do you use the aux imput in the speakers?

    I have a blackstar model fly and i would like to connet it to the kemper but i dont know what is the best way to connet to the device.

  • Hello Spirit, yes, you should use the aux input since the Kemper already does all the Amp and Speaker modeling (The aux input is used to connect an mp3 player ans so it will process the signal as neutral as possible) Just be aware that the aux input might need a stereo signal. So you have to use an adapter cable from the main output of the kemper or just use the headphone output.
    Would be nice to hear your feedback how it sounds and if you experience latency.

    never thought that I would like the Kemper that much...! 8|