2 Rig Managers for 1 Kemper

  • Is it safe to keep the a Kemper in sync with 2 Rig Managers? I have my main studio computer at home with my "master" Rig Manager, but I bought a small Windows tablet for when I'm on the go, with guitar software and Rig Manager too. Is it safe to sync my Kemper to both?

  • The Rig Manager does not automatically overwrite or copy your stuff. You have basically two databases. A local database which is stored on your computer and and the database on your Kemper unit. If you connect your Kemper to a Rig Manager it just gives you the access to the database on the Kemper but not overwrites something automatically. I have two Kempers and about 4-5 Rig Managers running depending where I am :)

    But I would recommend doing frequent backups of your stuff just for being safe. :)