Powering the Kemper Kabinet

  • Hi Folks,

    i'm really looking forward to get my Kabinet, but as you all know it's passive. afaik, i think there is no release date for the powered version (just plans to thinka about it) , so we all don't know how long we must wait. ;( Please correct me, if i'm wrong.

    So we need an extra Power Amp.

    As i own a Model S (Kemper Stage, no Tesla 8)), i would prefer a non-Rack-Version.

    After reading through all, what makes the Kabinet, incl. ckempers FAQ i think i would be fine with a mono setup.

    So i want an external, compact, mono Power-Amp, preferrably NOT rack-mounted best around 150W.

    There are Tilman Ritters Floor Amps and Seymour Duncans Power Stage. Both fine PAs for sure, but also quite expensive.

    There is the Palmer Macht 402 which is quite fine, but 19'' and stereo, what i do not really need.

    So here goes the question:

    Do you have any good advice for a Power Amp for the Kemper Kabinet?

    Thanks in advance!

    Damn. Right now i found the related thread. Same question. Thanks. Too dumb to search. :(

  • I have basically the same question, thinking about which poweramp - in combination with the Kemper - might be well suited to drive a passive FRFR/GFR speaker like the Kemper Kone?

    Two interesting options I found so far:

    - Harley Benton GPA-400

    - Palmer Macht 402

    Personally I am looking for a good cost / performance ratio especially, getting a <good> result, but not at any cost, if an even better sound would be overpriced (for a small benefit).

    -> Do you know of any tests of different poweramps comparing the sound results used with the Kemper?

    -> Personal recommendations?

    Thanks :)

  • Got the BAM but not the kabinet yet. I have tried the BAM with a guitar cab and the truth is you may have to tame the highs with some rigs. I find its own EQ useful. The BAM is a good option.

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