@ CK any news about updating the kemper stomps?

  • I know lots have people have requested this, have Kemper actually confirmed they are working on them/intend to work on them?

    Kemper to date have been ace at listening to people so I would be surprised if they were not in the plans.

    I also wander what approach they take - just an upgrade or a fundamental change? I'm not a user of stomps but I'm still keen to see other users needs satisfied...

  • I guess we can say it is 99% confirmed..for example @HW "tonejunkie" has said in one of his latest videos that "btw..they are working on it"..so since he is quite a serious source for Kemper stuff with a good relationship with @CK..yes it is confirmed.In my book.

    And please don't forget that in the big "feature request" thread about the od/dist/boost pedals upgrade..some of his employees have repeatedly asked for "suggestions" from our side..I don't believe that this "interest" was solely a "hypothetical survey" out of the blue but a lot of these customers suggestions will go into the new pedal upgrade.Lets be patient.it will come.