Question for Owners of a Thomann t.amp E-800 Power Amp

  • Hello ,

    I haven’t received the Thomann E-800 yet,

    But I failed to notice that it may have an issue with

    European power cord with differences to

    USA power.

    Is this something simple as buying a converter end

    from a German power plug

    To a USA plug adaptor?

    Or it different because of it being a

    Powerful Power amp
    Than say an electric shaver?

    All the warnings and scary stuff about blowing things up,

    I don’t want to search and buy the wrong thing.,

    Or hurt my KEMPER and the
    brand new

    KEMPER KONES I just received either.

    I , on the other hand have ‘dummy plugs for brains’!

    Thanks KEMPER Community :)

  • Using a 220 volt machine at 120 volts will most probably mean it just won't work because the voltage is too low. You would need a voltage transformer, preferably a good one. It is much worse the other way round: you would fry it, I guess

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  • Great help and suggestions, fine people!

    im thinking about this one, or something like it.

    just the more $$$ i WAS gonna spend on new

    Commercial KEMPER rigs. :/ :) Lol

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