Time to assemble my 2-12 with Kemper KONES & power amp this weekend

  • First of all like to thank you all for sharing your

    Same versions of

    KEMPER/Poweramp/Kemper KONES Speakers experiences-tips etc.

    I have been reading here about this subject trying to get my brain up to ‘KEMPER Speed’, terminology,

    Info, KPA>Power Amp>2-12 cabinet>Kemper KONES.

    I want to start by putting the KONES into the 2-12.

    I had read here to be sure to Tnut and Wood screw the speakers in.

    I was glad that my chosen 2-12 maker had done so

    Once I received the cabinet and inspected it YIPPEE!

    I have been studying the power amp,

    Cuz it’s new to me because it is from Europe,

    German I think.

    I need to select mode of operation I/O’s

    And generally make sure all is good

    Before blastoff. Haha

    And of coarse KPA Monitor Out,


    And KPA settings-choosing-enabling or Not.

    Brain overload whew!

    Thats the plan, but I gotta thank all of you

    For giving me the confidence to attempt these tasks.

    A huge thank you,

    And I’m certain that I will

    Be checking back for my needed

    Knowledge Upgrade and stuff.

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