Preset selection in editor area context menu

  • It would be great to have access to the presets within every effect in the context menu. You can select the effect by right clicking on the stomp or right clicking on the left hand side when the stomp is selected, but the effect is loaded in its default settings. In order to load a specific preset you have to navigate to presets folder, find it (I have over 3 hundred) and double click on it or drag it to the stomp slot. It's time consuming and you loose the folder of the rig you have just loaded.

    This is how it looks now:

    This is what I'm trying to explain:


  • You can prevent losing the current rig folder by opening the presets folder in a separate window.

    You are right, that’s what I do but still don’t like to search for each preset, on a contextual menu would be more straight foward and wouldn’t need to have two separate windows. Thanks for the advice.