Guitar pick consultation

  • I like Triangle Picks.

    First row: Techpicks Italy with different materials. I like them how they are, but also mod them with different bevels, slightly smaller, less round...

    Row 2: BlueChip TP60 and STP60 (which is slightly smaller than small Primetone), Wegen CF140 (I polished the surface and slightly optimized bevel),

    Dunlop Primetone Tri smooth 1.4, then small Tri 1.5 and small Tri 1.4

    Row 3: Dunlop Primetone Tri Grip small in 1.5, 1.4, 1.3, Akira Takasaki Primetone in 1.4 and with grip polished off, Gravity Striker Standard 1.5 RH speed bevel

    Row 4: Three custom Ultem picks, Ernie Ball Prodigy small 2.0 and 1.5, Dunlop Petrucci Trinity Pick

    Row 5: Dunlop Gator Grip 1.0, Dunlop Flex Triangle 1.14 and a modded smaller version, Ibanez Hard Elastomer 2.2 and smaller mod

    Row 6: Classic Celluloid Triangle Pick (346 style), next ChickenPicks Bermuda III pointy and regular in 2.7 and 2.1mm

  • Pickboy picks arrived today! The PEI / Ultem Series is not available in Germany, so I had to order in the USA.

    Edge, Pos A Grip and Hi-Modulus design.

    The Carbon/Nylon picks can produce static noise on electric guitar (in recording situation), because of its material mix.

    So I am glad I have the Ultem alternative now. But I really love the Pos A Grip - both Ultem and Polycarbonate. They say - for what ever reason - 1.00mm, but they are very stiff and noticeable thicker (around 1.40mm when I remember correctly). The Polycarbonate is on the brighter side, but not cheap sounding at all. Very good pick.

  • I like triangle picks too. Seem to have a little more control. 3 times the pick wear ain't a bad perk as well, especially when spending premium on picks.

  • Lots of years using a really thin pick. Two years ago, went to a medium - who knows why.

    Recently tried to learn finger style, so began using a thumb pick.

    Then...watched a Glenn DeLaune video doing some Kemper demo, and noticed he was using a thumb pick to play some pretty cool rock music. Thought I'd give it a try.

    Had a few odd ones laying around, and kinda' liked it, but the shape was weird. Some folks say they shape them, heat them, etc. I saw Black Mountain picks online. Thumb pick shaped like a regular pick, with a little contraption on it to hold it to your thumb. Expensive - but, arrived, and getting pretty good with it, still adjusting but it's looking pretty promising. When I want, I can hold it like a regular pick, and it feels just the same. With the ability to use it as a thumb pick, now there's some Mark Knopfler stuff popping out - so far, as unusual as it seems, I may make the transition. The thing that makes it happen is the ability to still hold it at the angle/grip as the flat pick. Old dog, new tricks - who knew?

  • Didn't even mean to imply shaping anything is wrong with doing that, but for me, I'd never shape two alike. I'd make a perfect one and promptly lose it and never be able to duplicate. The use of a thumb pick at all is the revelation.

  • After using the Dunlop Ultex for quite some time, I've recently started using the Primetone Sculpted 1.5 Standard and I really like them a lot, the attack is very defined but not too prominent and they really fly on the strings

    If something is too complicated, then you need to learn it better