Remote into network switch

  • Hey guys! I know I can power the remote using a PoE injector, but can the remote also be connected into a switch? What I mean is this:

    KPA -> Network switch/Router -> PoE injector -> Remote

    Here's my use case. My KPA is semi-permanently hooked up near my computer, but sometimes I would like to play louder. It would be pretty easy for me to just add a new cable that would bring the audio downstairs. There's already a network cable there that I could use if the KPA can be connected my router (I could even create a VLAN to isolate the traffic, if the Kemper speaks standard IP). I could use my remote to control the KPA. I never took the time to check what kind of data the KPA sends and of course I could just try it, but I would like to know if someone tried already.

    Of course, what would be even cooler is if the Kemper team added network support to the KPA, so that Rig Manager could talk to the Kemper via ethernet, but I know I'm probably dreaming, even if technically, I don't see why it couldn't work.

    Thanks :)

  • the Remote is communicating using standard TCP/IP , so yes: you can route the traffic through standard (PoE enabled) network switches. (be sure to use only type 'A', and no Gigabit PoE enabled equipment: as mentioned in the manual)