Recently Added Profiles View - Rig Exchange

  • Heyyyyy

    So ive reached out on a few different platforms and was recommended to come here and do so.

    For the Year or so ive had the Kemper ive always used Rig manager of course.
    I will load in profiles to preview into my Library and once i catch a profile i like i will add to "My Profiler"

    For the longest time i would always view my profiles in the order of them being added on Rig Manager.
    You know how it is, maybe you add like 15 profiles from a pack you found, then dont come back for a day or so.
    I enjoyed the luxury of seeing all the profiles i had just added at the bottom of the list in there...

    Well as of about a week ago i accidentally clicked on the Cabinet Comment column...AAAHHH so now everything is alphabetical by whatever the amps comment had in it.

    I understand i can click any other column and organize things that way... BUT i cant for the foggiest find a way to get it undo!! lol

    In addition the date column is for when the profile was created, so that is somewhat of a bandaid for now but does not complete my issue haha.

    ANYONE know of a way to get it back? i feel like i did this same thing a few months back and i was able to put it back... but now im stumped.

    Maybe add the column like on rig exchange on date added? But for My Profiler? or i dont even need to see the dates just have it organize how i am explaning.

    Maybe i am not the only one?