Can you add the kaos.bin filesize and md5 hash to the changelog please ?

  • Hello Kemper Team,

    I think it is not necessary to repeat the installation remark again and again:

    PROFILER Stage users can immediately update to this revision regardless of the OS version currently installed!
    To upgrade classical PROFILER models via USB memory stick from OS versions before OS 7.3, OS 7.3.2 needs to be installed first!
    Older versions than OS 7.3 on classical models don't recognize this new integrated OS revision.
    For this purpose OS 7.3.2 can be found on the Download Page at Older Software Versions.

    But it would be helpful to add the kaos.bin file size and the md5 hash.

    thank you

    Be the force with you ;)

  • Although we repeat this important hint with every new OS version, we get approached by clients on a regular base ignoring all these hints, who are either trying to install OS 7.3.2 for classical models on a Stage or upgrading their classical PROFILER from an old revision e.g. OS 5.5.2 to OS 8.0 in one step. How would an info regarding file size help these users?

    By the way, the software prevents installation of the wrong version. However, we cannot make an old revision like OS 5.5.2 support the transition to OS 8.0, since 5.5.2 had been created years ago.

    And for those relying on Rig Manager to manage their OS updates ... Rig Manager handles the two step upgrade process of classical models automatically.

  • Hello Burkard,

    file size information or better MD5 helps if a KAOS.bin file gets damaged while unzip or copying to USB Stick.
    A lot of vendors (driver / apps etc) deliver a checksum (md5) so you can doublcheck that your download is not modified or corrupt.

    IMHO: The installation instruction is inside the zip package AND also on the download page. Customers who don't read this will also not read the release notes.

    Be the force with you ;)

  • Each of our downloads includes the file size on the download page.

    I'm asking myself, how relevant this is. I cannot remember, that I had any issue to unzip or store a file on an USB stick during the last years and I'm practicing these things every day multiple times. Most of the time with a Windows PC. About twenty different sticks. Even not practicing safe unmounts at all. Is this a common issue with MACs?

  • Burkhard
    At the moment I don't have any problems with this because I am not traveling much anymore due to the coronavirus,
    but it has happened to me in the past that I got a Kemper at an event from the rental company,
    but with a totally outdated KAOS.

    So I downloaded the operating system in the hotel, onto the USB stick and back to the venue,
    updating the Kemper didn't work there. Desperately looking for the mistake.
    Out came the hotel had a proxy server with virus scanner, this opened the zip file and damaged the KAOS.bin when repackaging.
    I only noticed that when I reloaded the package with my mobile phone and when copying it to the USB stick.
    I noticed that they were different.
    It has also happened to me that the rental service gave me a USB stick
    there were five directories with KAOS.bin files on it.
    Statement: "There should be the latest version on it" was of course not.
    So finde the right version 30 minutes before the sound check.

    So right now I have a list of MD5 checksums for each Versionnumber I need.
    Before Corona, there were some small rental companies that stopped at version 5.7.
    And I had to recover this version after the gig. I don't know if that's still the case today.

    Be the force with you ;)

  • I have USB memory sticks with a whole bunch of old OS revisions for support purposes. I have them all in the folder "OS Update" just giving them different names like "kaos5.5.2.bin". And then I just rename the version that I intend to install.