Presonus Ampire (Studio One Plugin)

  • Yesterday on a rainy Sunday afternoon I thought I’d check out some guitar amp plugins to compare them with the Kemper. Fortunately there are free trial versions to download so it’s not an expensive task.

    First I downloaded the Amplitube 5 and then the Helix Native.

    Amplitube 5 was not bad but no match for the Kemper. I really did not like Helix Native for slightly overdriven sounds, there is a strange fizzling sound when the guitar tone fades away (same I experienced when I tried the Helix Stomp). It has a lot of possibilities and options but for me it does not sound natural at all.

    After that I tried the plugin in my DAW for the first time. I’m using Studio One 4.6 which has the Ampire Amp Simulation included. I was very surprised when I started playing around with it. In my opinion it sounded way better than the Helix Native and also better than Amplitube 5 which I think is strange since this plugin is included “for free” in Studio One. It does not have many options and effects but the Ampsound for me is much more natural and closer to the Kemper (but no match ?)

    Did anyone of you try the Ampire Plugin? What do you think of it?

    never thought that I would like the Kemper that much...! 8|

  • I tried Helix and found it awful, actually. Amplitube wasn't that much better. The only plugin I kept was Guitar Rig 5 which can do a decent job of a dual rig stereo setup with Kemper on Left channel and GR5 Right channel. But I've given up on GR5 too since I can do a dual Kemper rig stereo setup now by just reamping the left or right channels.

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.