what about set lists ?

  • what about set lists ?

    since i play for different bands at different events, i also have different set lists.

    one band uses "band helper" another "on song". it doesn't matter both send midi bank and program change.

    unfortunately I have to adjust the setlist and performances every time before a gig.

    It would be nice to manage the configured performances as set lists in the rig manager.

    would save a lot of work.

    Be the force with you ;)

  • I use Band Helper too. That application should make it easier for you. I am pretty sure that the MIDI information is stored with the song. All you have to do is build a quick set list and you should have it in the order that you need it. I don't use the MIDI functions in Band Helper so I could be off base here but I am thinking that is how it works.

  • Im using both Band helper and OnSong also a tool called live tracker and also ableton live.
    Problem is That Kemper uses midi program changes per slot.
    so you can not say that a specific program number correspondence to a specific performance. Right now I calculate the bank and program change in an excel sheet.

    And every time when changing the band I have to manually edit and sort the performances in the right order.

    So if I’m playing for the country band I have to setup 80 songs. If I’m playing for the blues band it’s about 40 Songs, and the Party band has about 120 Songs.

    For each Band I have a performance folder and each performance is numbered like B01P006_Songname but it’s hard to sort out every time.

    Be the force with you ;)

  • I use Bandhelper’s little brother, SetList Maker, the midi pc’s are tied to each song. I’m in 2 bands and don’t find it any issue.
    Are you’re sets being sent by Abelton?

    do you use MIDI to control your Kemper ?

    So we have this as a central control unit for Keyboad, Lyrics, Kemper, Voice processor.

    Sometimes also Lightshow.
    So how do you Sync the setlist with your performances ?

    Be the force with you ;)

  • I use Bandhelper as well.

    I use a Yamaha bluetooth to Midi adaptor. Each song has the location to the rig in a performance embedded in it.

    This way I don't have to arrange my performances.

  • Whatever happened to pen and paper? =O

    Believe it or not, I used to print set lists out of Band Helper to provide a copy to a drummer that was technology challenged and stubborn.

    I use Band Helper on an iPad so I can control my mixer and see my set list on one device. I don't have to walk away from my microphone to make an adjustment on the mixer. It works well.

  • Believe it or not, I used to print set lists out of Band Helper to provide a copy to a drummer that was technology challenged and stubborn.

    I use Band Helper on an iPad so I can control my mixer and see my set list on one device. I don't have to walk away from my microphone to make an adjustment on the mixer. It works well.

    I wouldn't call it stubborn. When I am playing guitar, the last thing I want is to have technology telling me I have a phone call. ;) I think it would be more fun leaving that tech in the studio and just go out and rock and roll. :P Honestly, I already have a car warranty and it hasn't expired.

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.

  • Use what works…but pen and paper never breaks,, never gets stolen, and never needs charging or technical support.

    “Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

  • We also use BANDHELPER and it rules big time.

    When selecting the next song in a set list in BANDHELPER, the app automatically sends a midi message to a wireless bluetooth adapter (that "whippinpost91850" recommended a few months ago) so that the corresponding slot in the performance mode is enabled. The small bluetooth adapter is connected to the midi jacks of the Kemper Stage and activated by tapping on the midi menu button in the top menu of the set list view.

    The midi presets in BANDHELPER are easy to create when you follow the midi implementation in the kemper manual, you just have to edit your layout by activating the option to automatically send midi messages on selecting a song. Some forget this and wonder why nothing happens. You can even chose how many midi presets should be sent because there might be other devices to be fed with midi simultaneously.

    The midi presets I created in BANDHELPER for the Stage are named like this:

    Profiler P001*S1

    Profiler P021*S4


    "P" stands for Performance and "S" for slot.

    The whole band uses midi presets so the first part of the name always is the device to keep it in order.

    I started with naming midi presets like songs but found out that a simple reference to the place in the device is better.

    BANDHELPER shows me the name of the midi preset right under the name of the song in my layout so that i can manually find the exact performance number and slot in case the midi transmission might fail.

    You can use 100 (performances) x 5 (slots) = 500 midi presets .... that should do for some time. Right now there's just two songs left in our repertoire that use more than one slot. For all the other ones I'm fine with using one slot, the morph function and the FX buttons. Each song just one slot.

  • Jerry Horizon
    How do you store this setup if you have different Bands and Studio jobs?
    In the blues band we have only about 40 Songs.It's Simple i need here only about 5 different rigs , maybe one or two crazy one with fx.

    But for the party/show band the setlist has overall more than 120 Songs each song has up to 4/5 sounds.
    This Band is working with backing tracks (also que and click track inear), they are using Ableton Live (2 Keyboarder, up to 5 Singer).
    The MIDI data is also send in a complete different way and has to be translated to be because they send Bank MSB and LSB for the Songnumber and PC for the song part.
    So I programmed a little Arduino to Translate this Bankselect and program change to CC47 and CC50 to CC54 Kemper events.
    The otherGuitar player uses Fractal without any problem because fractal uses scenes and you can use custom PC Midi mapping.
    In this way the Fractal is much more flexible when it comes to MIDI.

    Be the force with you ;)

  • Okay, I see the complexity of your work environment.

    We also use Inear-Monitoring, the bandhelper metronome (set to full left output) and sample tracks (left output: click track, right output: samples).

    Each song in bandhelper starts with a count off (one...two...one-two-three-four), then either just the metronome or the sample track.

    We have in mind to let midi do the switching of sounds (guitars, keyboards) within the songs but haven't come far.

    Maybe unlearn we must what learned we have.

    I saw Metallica use Fractal but never tried it myself.