New old Story --- incorrect profiles Need HELP !

  • So here we are --- after creating over 100 profiles of my Amp Collection -

    Why the hell is no profile correct captured ? Done miked cabs, direkt profiles put eq in , reduced bass but nothing worked out fine !

    profiles sound woofy , distant and higmid/highs are missing !

    If there is no solution for this problem i am done with this unit . Is it my vault or do others have problems to capture their sound too ?

    Need help !

  • lol oh ok theres like over 100,000 profiles or more made .theres lots of info on forum for making profiles . if your car didnt start do you just tow it away lol

    If it did not start for over 2 years -- perhaps :) I purchased lots of profiles and most of them tend to overpower bass frequencies ! So there have to be a lot of people struggling with this issue !? Okay , i can throw eq in the profile and come closer to the source - but its not the same and will not make me Happy ! Thx !

  • I don't know, why it doesn't work for you, but I know, why it doesn't work for me:
    I'm not able to profile. I just don't know how to do it well.
    So my solution for me:
    I use profiles of other guys, who know how to profile.
    And that's how I do it since 2015.
    Maybe that also works for you?

  • Are you listening to the amp through the mics, or are you hoping to hear the amp in the room sound? They are 2 different things depending on mic placement.

    ....always through monitors - and i record a sample track from the original amp/micsetup ! So i can hear differences clearly afterwards ;)