DI Profiles - Available Cabinet Selection

  • I recently built a 6G3 Fender Brown Deluxe clone, and I'm just now getting around to profiling it.

    [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/Ix56JZB.jpg]

    In order to profile just the head (has a Celestion Gold, very loud), I selected No Cabinet in the profile, and then used the Fryette PS2 to control the volume to the cabinet after the DI.

    When I look in the Rig Manager, there aren't many Cabinets available for selection, this is what I have:

    [Blocked Image: https://i.imgur.com/PveV5Rf.jpg]

    I'd like a '59 Bassman cab, and a 4X12 Marshall of a few different types, is there a way to move cabinets from other profiles?

    Kemper Powerhead w/remote & Kabinet
    Focusrite 18i8 (2nd Gen) - Windows 10 - Ableton Live - Yamaha HS-8's - DT770 80 ohms

  • You have two ways to browse cabinets on the front panel, while the cabinet module is open:

    1. Presets

    The PROFILER comes with a few example cabinet presets. These are the ones listed in Rig Manager at All Presets/MyProfiler. You could create your own.

    2. From Rigs

    This is called selective browse. You just load the cabinets from all the Rigs in your browse pool, while the rest of the signal chain stays as is. It's as if all other modules were locked. Selective browse is available for amp, cabinet and stack.

  • I'm having mixed results using cabs from other profiles, with this 6G3 DI profile (head only), but am able to add and switch cabs successfully now, thanks for the replies. I'll eventually get around to profiling the Celestion Gold in this 6G3 cab also.

    The Fender 6G3 is sometimes called the mini-Marshall, it can grind, and has a lot of gain and break-up - for a Fender. The DI profile I made on volume 7, tone 7 of the Bright Channel, even without a cab - it's a unique profile, very raw and crunchy.

    '63 Brown Deluxe 6G3 clone - DI profile - no cab:


    I tried one of the 4x12 preset cabs, and got really close to this tone:

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    Is 'refine' the only thing that can be done to a DI profile, to alter it during the Profile process? Does refining with HBs, as opposed to SC's, change the DI Profile? The above was refined with HB's, GLP Bursts.

    Kemper Powerhead w/remote & Kabinet
    Focusrite 18i8 (2nd Gen) - Windows 10 - Ableton Live - Yamaha HS-8's - DT770 80 ohms