Import folder structure in rig manager

  • I agree!! I have 50 folders to import. Am I required to manually create all 50 folders and individually populate?

  • you can create an empty folder structure by using rsync on Mac,
    than you have to import the profiles manually by drag and drop.

    Close RM and create the empty folder structure. then restart RM an you will see an empty folder structure like the original on.
    I din't test the windows version because I'm a MAC user, this is rewritten by AI.

    rsync -av -f"+ */" -f"- *" ~/Dropbox/_Kemper/PACK-PAYED/ToneJunkie_Everything_Pack ~/Library/Application\ Support/Kemper\ Amps/RigManager/Local\ Library/ToneJunkie_Everything_Pack

    In Windows, replicating the behavior of the rsync command used in Linux to create an empty folder structure requires a different approach, as Windows doesn't have a built-in rsync function. However, you can achieve similar results by using a script to copy only the folder structure (excluding files). Here's how you can do it with a PowerShell script:

    First, open PowerShell. You can do this by searching for "PowerShell" in the Start menu or by pressing Win + R, typing "powershell," and pressing Enter.

    You can navigate to the directory where you want the script to run or otherwise specify full paths in the script itself.

    You can execute the following script line by line, or you can paste the entire script into a text file with the .ps1 extension (e.g., Copy-FolderStructure.ps1) and then run it in PowerShell.

    Make sure to replace "C:\Users\YourUsername\Dropbox\_Kemper\PACK-PAYED\ToneJunkie_Everything_Pack"

    and "C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Kemper Amps\RigManager\Local Library\ToneJunkie_Everything_Pack" with your actual source and destination paths.

    This script gets all folders in the source directory and recreates the same structure in the target directory without copying any files. If you're not comfortable running scripts, you may need to adjust your PowerShell execution policy settings or consult with someone who is familiar with scripting. Also, remember to back up important data before running scripts or commands that modify your file system to prevent data loss.

    Be the force with you ;)

  • just ran into this issue - cannot believe it ?! - that's basic software functionality. Any chance to get this fixed so drag and drop works with folders?

  • I actually see this somewhat differently.

    At the moment I don’t use folders in RM because RM lacks proper search functionality which makes folders more of a hinderance than a help.

    If the search functionality was updated to allow searching within sub folders then the ability to import folder structures would be useful but without it I still see a folder free workflow as a better option.