Not able to save rigs from RM into any performance slot other than the first slot-since update

  • Hi All,

    I just updated both RM and my powered head. It seems to have fixed several problems. But now, when I try to save rigs into a Performance, using RM, no matter what slot is highlighted, it moves that rig to the first slot.

    Specifically, I have the Profiler in Performance mode, and am browsing the rigs in the Profiler (in the My Profiler folder) using RM. With the first slot highlighted, I can double click the rig I want in RM and it appears in the first slot. When I move to the second (or any other) slot, and double click a rig in RM, that second rig appears in the first slot, like it is overwriting the first rig that I put in slot one.

    I have enabled all of the slots in the new Performance. I have stored the new Performance, using Store on the Profiler and in RM, after inserting the first rig.

    This is how I have always made Performances, but I am sure that I am overlooking something basic, so what am I doing incorrectly?


    Edit: So after writing all of that, I continued to work. Now, the rig in slot 1 is being retained. I was able to put a rig into slot 2. But when I try to put a rig in slot 3, it reverts back to slot 2. ???

    Be Thankful.

  • I guess, nobody can help you, if you don't specify the PROFILER model, OS revision, RM version (Windows, mac, iOS) and its revision. "Since update" is not specific enough.

  • I cannot reproduce such issues with OS 8.7.1 and RM 3.2.72 under Windows 11.

    If the Performance is not loaded I can paste Rigs into the Slots and these changes are stored immediately.

    If the Performance ist loaded I can do the same and have to store afterwards as intended.

  • Burkhard, thanks for looking into that. I worked on this again this afternoon and it is working as expected. Not sure what changed other than turning the Profiler off and on.

    Again, thank you.

    Be Thankful.