Delay in browsing/loading profiles in performance mode

  • Over the last few updates, switching profiles in performance mode (via the footswitch) has become pretty laggy on my toaster - going up/down between performances loads the profile details very slowly, and then selecting the new profile takes another 1-2 seconds to load, which, can be musically significant when you are in the middle of a tune.

    I've also noticed that on occasion, the wrong profile loads (almost like the previous amp module "sticks")... and I have to toggle to another profile and then back again before the originally intended profile/amp loads.

    Anyone else experiencing this? And to the Kemper developers out there, any thoughts on potential solutions (either that I can try, or that may be upcoming in the firmware)?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can send my way! And thanks also for making and supporting such a fantastic product!


  • We are not aware of longer sound switching times. Generally switching within the same Performance is optimized for speed. And switching the display follows the sound switching. testing here with my equipment everything feels normal.

    Please open a support ticket here to analyze this issue further.

  • ok With OS 8.7.1 Everything Works Fine but Unfotunalty the a strong delay in Sound's Change comes back if I intall the Lates 8.7.4 So if I've just sent a support request.

    In the mean time Has Anybody a copy to share of the Kaos.bin of the OS 8.7.3 (where everything was ok to me)

    I've searched on website but there's nothing in Oldest addition OS, I can Only find the Last 8.7.4


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