SOLVED Sudden drop in Input Signal

  • It happened Yesterday and it just happened again now.

    I'm practicing with some backing-tracks Playing in the DAW (cakewalk).

    The DAW also sends Midi PC to the KPA to switch between differents assigned Slots of the Performance*.

    All of a sudden I notice that all of my Clean Rigs sound at very Low volume, and all Leads sound with less gain,

    more or less just Like when You turn down the Input Level (i.e. if You reduce the Volume knob of the guitar or if You reduce the Gain of the Amp, or if You reduce the 'Clean Sens' in the Input section of the KPA.

    The Volume drop disapears if I Restart the Kemper. Any Idea?

    (Current OS 8.7.5 Beta on unpowered HEAD)

    *since I've installed 8.7.4 and still now with 8.7.5 (I mean Everything Was and Is still Working Fine with any previous OS) I have noticed another problem about Sound' switching Sync.

    I've already contacted Kemper' support for this, but it's another issue.