Is it possible to change Volume Pedal default position when pedal is not plugged !

  • Hi Kemper Guys,

    I have configured a pedal on as a BOOST pedal at the OUTPUT position.

    All works fine as expected.

    When the pedal ist not plugged, then the default position is at 100% (Volume Pedal in PEDALS Menu: 127)

    Can I change this default to the minimum position?


  • No, that isn't optional. The default of the Volume Pedal controller is always maximum.

    I'm not sure, what issues it could create, if this default would vary by Rig and depending on Volume Padal Range.

    I suggest you consider using either

    a Wah Pedal with Wah Pedal Booster at the end of the signal chain

    or a Morph Pedal morphing Rig Volume

    for your boost application. These pedal controllers have minimum as their default.