Power Kabinet

  • Hi guys....need to tap into the hive mind!

    Just got a kemper and power Kabinet, and looking to fine tune the parameters for the most natural sound i can get.

    Can anyone help me figure this out?

    I'm finding a lot of ways to do it wrong!

    I'm looking for a lively, open sound with plenty of harmonics but not biting in the upper range or mushy in the bottom.


  • That's a tall order when you give very little detail. It might help if you describe how you have it set up, what profile(s), guitar/pickups, signal chain, etc. as well as what you have done that you consider 'wrong'.

  • The other way to put this is you need to relook at your profiles and see what works best.

    For me, there are so many parameters there so I:

    1) Start with switching imprints on. Choose a speaker closest to what you like - I think I use V30's

    2) Run profiles of amps you know you like

    3) Make minor tweaks, else move on

  • The Metal DS stomp will get rid of a lot of low end muddiness. I think the One DS and the Plus DS will do the same and less extreme than the Metal DS. Use the mix parameter sparingly on those just to tighten up the low end. If you don't want to use a stomp then use a Studio EQ, or find the proper balance of the Amp's Gain, Definition, and Clarity to tighten up low end flubiness.

    Use the High Cut to remove Treble Icing and keep harmonics warm and soothing on the ears.

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.

  • The way i'm using the kemper is to try not to mess with the original sound too much, but that said, i only have the standard kemper patches that came with the unit, and have no additional patches yet.

    I'm using a prs c24 guitar. maybe it would help to get some more sounds loaded in and experiment. I'm more interested in using the patches standard speaker for the moment than using imprints though.

  • I have thousands of profiles (profile packs are the new GAS) but to be perfectly honest, the factory content is so good you don’t need to buy profiles to get a killer tone. I buy them as it’s fun to try amps you could never play in the real world (Dumbles in my case) or just amps you would need to sell something else to buy (Soldano, Bogner, Two Rock etc) but I know it’s not necessary or going to change my life.

    At the end of the day playing and practicing will always matter more than gear. Sometimes the limitations of a certain sound force us to work on our pick attack/dynamics/vibrato etc to make it work. Jeff Beck could plug into me radio alarm clock and sound amazing while I would still sound pretty average through John Petrucci’s rig.