Turn on effect by moving expression pedal? (Kemper Stage)

  • Hi, is it possible to turn an effect on and off by slightly moving a pedal? I have a pedal set for pitch bend (pedal 4 jack). Can I set it up so that barely moving the pedal turns pitch bend on, and the pedal then controls the whammy effect? And turns the effect off when fully heel down? I saw someone mention the phrase "auto sense". However, a search of the manual turns up no results when I enter the phrase.

  • With Pitch Bend it should automatically be “off” until you move the pedal. With the pedal in heel position no bend is being applied.

    Some FX also include the option Bypass at Heel/Toe or Stop. Depending on how you like to leave your pedal one of these would work. I think this is what you are referring to as “auto sense”