Jack and Jill

  • This is my take on a popular chord progression that just about every band has done; Rick Springfield, Joan Jett, Scorpions, The Cars, Nickebach, etc. The rhythm guitar was tough getting the ghost notes and slides to hit on the upbeat before the 1. I think the bass and drums came out really good. I did the same trick as last time on bass splitting it to two separate tracks for low end and high end pick attack. I got the drum fills to flow out better. The lead was tricky since I had to layer some EQ settings on top of each other trying to get rid of that coke bottle sound on the midrange while trying to keep the smooth high end, plus I need more solo practice too. :pinch:

    I used a LL-Bombed! Lasse Lammert profile for all guitars.

    Wave Bass 72+Punch profile by Don Petersen for bass.

    SD3 drums.

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    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.

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  • Good progress! You can take the drums up a bit further in the mix. With the bass to get it audible on small speakers it’s all about rebalancing the frequencies, these days I no longer split the signal much instead I use a pultec style eq plugin to cull almost all of the bass signal at the 100hz setting (with a wide range) till it’s really just the mids and treble then I use the console mix fader to bring it up till it sounds there’s bass again (albeit light bass) and the balance sounds good. Finally I go back and use the bass gain in the pultec to do the bass mix itself instead of adjusting the mix fader itself, if necessary I’ll lower the bass attenuate slightly to bring it back too if the mids have been carved out too much.

    The idea behind all of that is to level with the treble using the console so it’s audible on all speakers, but then make it nice sounding on systems where there is bass using the eq to level and bring back those frequencies.

  • Thanks Per and waraba ! Taking notes again. I love to hear my progress keeps moving ahead. I can feel and hear I am nudging closer each time. I still wouldn't mind a leap forward though. ;)

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.