Kemper Remote Effect Switch to change effect parameter

  • HI,

    Is there a way to assign one of the effect switches on my remote to toggle between 2 parameter values on an effect? E.g. reverb decay time?

    Ideally i'll always have a light reverb on a rig, but want the ability to quickly increase the decay, not needing an expression pedal as it would just be between 2 values. Ideally i want everything contained within my remote, and not have to use up 2 effect slots for 2 separate reverbs.

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    This has some useful information:

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  • You could do this by having two separate instances of the same stomp or effect assigned to two different slots (i.e. A & B or X & Mod), with each having separate parameter values as you described. Then assign them to the remote switch separately so they toggle. The downside to this approach is that one is always on, so morphing might be a better way to go depending on your workflow, set up or preferences.