Mooer Preamp Model X2 with MNRS Profiles

  • I just bought a used Mooer Preamp Model X2 for 80.- Euro. I read that Mooer has it’s own profiling system with MNRS Profiles and I wanted to check it out.

    The X2 is a very simple tool where you can use the Mooer Modeling (which IMO does not sound accurate, and quite digital) but the interesting thing is the MNRS technology. With some bigger units these profiles can be made and also with the GE Labs software from Mooer. X2 has also an IR loader where you can load your own IRs.

    There are profiles on the Mooer website, some only Preamps, some with power amp and speaker (there you have to switch OFF the IR).

    Now of course I did some comparison with the Kemper.

    First of all, many of the MNRS profiles have digital artefacts, that means with distorted profiles you can hear a “second distorted sound” in the background when you play very soft and dynamic. But some profiles do not have this error. Using the built in IR loader in the X2, the sound is not that good, but there the “power amp” (profile) is missing. X2 to Audio Interface and then using the Wall Of Sound VST (Torpedo) the sound was very good. I would say almost on pair with the Kemper.

    The next test setting was:

    X2 to the Wall Of Sound plugin and then to a digital power amp an then to a 1x12” guitar speaker

    Compared with

    Kemper to the same power amp and guitar speaker

    Big surprise, the X2 was at least on pair with the Kemper. The sound and feel was very good.

    Next step

    X2 to a tube amp power amp input compared with the Kemper with 2x Kemper Kabinet.

    Surprise, the X2 and tube amp was more realistic in sound and feel than the Kemper system.


    The sound of the MNRS preamps in this tiny cheap stomp box can be at least as good as the Kemper profiles if set up properly. Of course Kemper is better in many other ways, but it’s really time for a Kemper upgrade. Mini Kemper would be great, but now with improved profiling sound.

    Since I have 2 Kemper profilers, I guess it’s time to sell one of them and check out a Quad Cortex. I’m interested to find out how that sounds.

    Did anybody of you try out the MNRS technology so far?

    If you interested and plan to do that, take your time to search for good profiles. X2 is very cheep ;)

    never thought that I would like the Kemper that much...! 8|