Yeatzee Guitar Princeton Profiles

  • I find it strange that no more people are talking about these profiles.
    For me, those are the best Princeton Reverb profiles available, period.

    YTZ Prince-ton 3 has been the only profile dialed on my Kemper for some months.
    It has that grit that i sincerely thougth the Kemper couldn't reproduce.

    Extremely touch sensitive, with or without a tube screamer added.
    Nice double reverb settings included, one legacy reverb and one spring reverb in a row, with the spring in second place (i would have done the opposite intuitively), which are a big part of the result, i guess.
    I have no link to this guy, never ever communicated with him, i don't even think he is on the forum.
    The Fender PR is my favourite amp, so this makes it my favorite Kemper profile.

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  • Big fan of the Princeton also - does this pack contain any direct or merged profiles? If not, do you know what speakers he's profiling it through - can't find this info in his site. Or is it all just thru the stock Princeton speaker? (not necessarily a bad thing!)