Liquid Profiles

  • Exciting! thoughts?

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    Spawned from the NAMM thread

  • This. Sounds. Awesome.

    before my inner eye I already see, that I just have one or two great profiles from each amp I want and go from there. This is what threw me off the first time I used the profiler (to have 20 or 30 profiles of one amp for every different setting).

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  • We now know what they have been up to and why they have been quiet. Again, Kemper delivers greatness to the same hardware that we already have. This to me, closes any gaps there were between the Kemper and other units on the market. They already had the best sounding and feeling raw amp sounds out there in my opinion. This will take them to the next level.

    I didn't see when this update is supposed to be out but I will update to it as soon as it is available. THANK YOU TEAM KEMPER!

  • As far as I understood:

    You have your profiled Amp and You have a modeling of the Amps control controls(gain,tone) ,

    you adjust both value-settings, and voila, from this starting point on, the modeling part brings the original, amp-specific behavior of the controlls when turned ,to your profile.

  • Here we go. This man is unbelievable. He doesn't talk much or throw glitter into people's eyes. But he accurately listens to what guitarists need and want. These new things have been requested long ago. One amp/rig with "all the profiles in it" has been my all time number one wish. Not even in my nerdiest dreams I would ever believe he even thought of this wild feature - not in this Profiler generation. If this would ever come true I would like to nominate CK gor the digital world's musical engineer of the century.

    Better have it and not need it, than need it and not have it! - Michael Angelo Batio

  • Unbelievable! They've done it again! This will be really cool to mess with and the possibilities will be really cool. It will be neat to read the manual and how it all works together with all the current options to tweak the profile. The explanation sounds awesome though. I guess our suspicions that something significant was coming out soon were right, which explains the mystery beta update a month ago. I'm thrilled about the USB audio and frankly surprised; I had figured that this wasn't possible with the hardware. Hoping that with the integration of profiling into rig manager if they will add the ability to switch from performance to browse mode. Perhaps that is an option grayed out for head/rack owners with a chicken head knob, but would be super helpful for us guys that keep our stage on the floor!

  • I remember a very long time ago - in one of the first interviews ckemper did - he talked about some idea for different tone stacks. That must have been around 2012/13 or something.

    That idea obviously evolved into something very exciting. I'm very much looking forward checking this out. The tone stack (and gain) not reacting like the real amp is one of the things the Kemper always could haven been improved. Seems now it has :)

  • Jesus friggin' Christ. Didn't see this big of an update coming. Amaaaaaaazing. Feels unreal actually.

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  • That's unbelievable.. so glad i sticked to my guts and stayed with kemper.. 10 years already and it keeps giving.

    kudos to christoph for keeping his game and elevating it instead of (kemper 2.0cough). he's a true long term thinking goat.

  • Love to profile through RM!

    The list:

    1. Profile through RM.
    2. Profile Marketplace in RM.
    3. Android Support.
    4. USB Audio.
    5. Liquid Profiling (accurate tone stack with EQ and gain staging).

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.