More connection woes after installing 9.0

  • I thought I had managed to solve the connection problem between Rig Manager and my head yesterday by both reinstalling the software and using a different USB port, but the problems started again today. It suddenly disconnected while I was using it and gave me "unstable connection" messages. I've tried a brand new USB cable and all four ports on my Mac and its back to not seeing it again. I'm using a 2020 iMac running Monterey 12.6.6 I never had any connection issues until I installed 9.0

  • Had 2 problems with system crashes in performance mode today

    1st problem wanted to activate solo profiles with pitchshifter whammy, the calibration did not work properly, did not react correctly to my up and down movements of the foot, the sound of the pitchshifter was not synchronized with the foot, and got stuck in the high pitch. After several attempts, the system crashes of the remote and the head. Reboot and rig initialization performed. Then pedal recalibrated. After that, the whammy effect worked again.

    2. Problem in performance mode, suddenly freeze while playing until I had disconnected the USB cable to the PC (Windows10), then the KPA worked again.

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  • FWIW - I acquired a new-to-me Mac running Monterey. My 12 year old machine wouldn't run RM 3.4.

    Loaded RM and updated the like a charm so far.

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  • I had problems when I used multiple ports of my adapter. They were less when I only had the KPA on it and I bought a new usb C to usb B cable on the weekend which seems to work fine. It does seem to lose connection when I close the MacBook but it’s just a question of unplugging and re plugging the new cable.

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  • I've got a couple of studio sessions to do, as well as some gigs coming up so I've reverted back to 8.7, really can't do the beta testing thing any longer. I'll have to wait for a stable release.