Logic Pro for iPad

  • Yep I’ve been fooling around with it.
    I think it’s great but this is not a one to one from the desktop.

    It’s designed for fingers and pencil and is definitely not a desktop replacement.

    Still early days an a lot of stuff missing but it’s only ver 1.

    Give it a go, 1 month free trial.

    New talent management advice to Laura Cox -

    “Laura want to break the internet? let’s shoot another video of you covering the Nightrain solo in the blue singlet, but this time we’ll crank up the air conditioning”.

  • I've only looked at the recording possibilities so far. I had an SSD error and lost multitracks coming off an A&H Qu mixer recently, (QuDrive) and it struck me that I could simultaneously record the USB out at the same time direct to Logic Pro for iPad as a redundant recorder next time. I have only tested it at home so far, but 24 tracks at 48 kHz ran for about an hour completely fine on a 2020 iPad Pro. There seems to be a slight bug if 'auto select audio devices' is enabled in terms of redetecting them after disconnection, but otherwise solid. Not sure I get the complaints about the subscription model; it is very affordable for what it is. I spent £75 for 1 month of disk recovery software to try and get my missing WAVs back and it failed, so 5 or 6 quid a month for Logic seems fine to me for the months I want it, and I'm not yet touching 90% of the feature set.

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