Dumb Q about effects and rigs and performances

  • Recently I caved and got the Remote. I set up a Performance set for the remote with one Rig in the first slot, and another in the second slot. When I am in Browser mode, my effects are all locked so I can bounce around rigs and have the same fx everywhere. BUT, when I was playing around with the remote, I decided to change some of the effects' parameters and order. Now, when I flip to the rig in the second slot, the effects are back to what they were before I edited them. Why didn't the changes propagate?


  • Each slot is its own individual rig. They can all be 100% different.

    If you want the effects to remain static, you can lock them just like in Browse mode.

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  • So literally if I have the one core rig that I just want to have variants on, any change I make to that Rig will NOT flow through to its, I guess, "children" anywhere else? (e.g. edit from Perf -> Browse or edit from Browse -> Perf)

    This thing is so confusing.

  • Performance and Browse mode have 2 different memory locations, so no. When you put a Rig in Performance Mode, you basically make a copy of the original one in the Browse pool. The advantage is that you can keep the originals in it and tweak the crap out of them in Performance without loosing the original one that you created/purchased/download

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  • the BROWSER and PERFORM rig pool are completely separate.
    If you import a rig from BROWSER into a performance, it is now it's own entity.

    This way, you can easily use your base crunch sound from the BROWSER pool to create variations of it in multiple performace slots.
    These PERFORM rigs can be exported back to the BROWSE pool, but this has to be done manually.
    (there is a soft-button for this)

  • Understand that Browse and Performance are 100% independent of each other and it gets simpler. One has nothing to do with the other. I mean this politely - but RTFM. It's in there.

    (Just in case.....Rtfm Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com)

    Its not unlike two folders on a computer containing copies of the same file. Making changes to one has no affect on the other file. Nor should it.

    I use browse as a catalog. Any time I edit a rig - I do it in Performance. I leave the browse copy alone. I can always get back to exactly where I started.

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  • I am now understanding about Perf and Browse. I'm not sure why it's like that (when I change the 'core sound' I would want it to change everywhere it's in use, and I assume others would too), but c'est la vie.

    That said, if I go into my first Perf slot now and lock the effects, will they stick around for whatever else I have already put in that Performance?

    Thanks peeps. I do really like the sound quality and slick formfactor of the KPA, but always seem to have trouble with computerized/digital multi-function 'stuff' - I am much more a software guy in every other way besides musical instruments; I always know I can get what I want out of WYSIWYG knobs on huge old stomps, and I just love the sound of my 4-knob Orange head.

  • No sweat.

    Look at browse as reference rigs. I have the same rig tuned slightly differently for different guitars. I don’t want to change the same rig every time I use it.

    I pull a copy into a Performance, tweak it for a specific song or whatever. But I still have the core tone as a baseline for the next time or to reference against the new sound.

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  • You should also be aware that the Lock function is also independent between Browser and Performance. You can achieve the same FX behaviour that you are used to by locking the FX in Performance mode.

  • when I change the 'core sound' I would want it to change everywhere it's in use, and I assume others would too

    not at all, that could be pretty desastrous for any given number of performances.

    after setting up a performance, it is pretty common to further shape/enhance certain slots in a rehearsal or after a show.
    Having all PERFORM slots change because you happen to edit a rig in BROWSE you copied to PERFORM let's say a year ago could destroy a lot of that work.

  • You can always start a new performance slot by copying the and pasting the one you like. That way everything is the same and you can just tweak the new on. I always store after every change just to be sure, even minor ones

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  • I usually want to tweak the individual slots in a performance independently. I really don't want to make a Definition change to my lead slot automatically apply to the rhythm slots.

    As per other advice, if you make tweaks to the Amp section on one slot you'll need to save the new settings to the Browse section and then choose it for the others.