Major Problem after updating to OS9

  • I’m at my wits end here. .. After updating my head to OS 9 (the release version) there is no gain happening. It sounds as though I have plugged my guitar straight into my DAW, just digital distortion with a hint of delay and reverb. I hasten to add that there is NO sound any longer from my pair of Kemper Kabs via both the direct and monitor outputs.

    Before I continue, I must stress that no changes were made prior to the update, which I find somewhat concerning.

    I am on Rig Manager 3.4.32 and Profiler

    Here is a list of my troubleshooting efforts:

    1. Three different guitars
    2. All cables have been changed
    3. Two sets of different headphones plugged directly into the Kemper
    4. Numerous reboots

    Hopefully, I’m just missing something