Muse going to sell their Tones

  • I saw them in early 2000 as they were the opening band for Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers in the US. They were incredible, just a wall of sound and that wailing operatic voice. I got their CD and it never really grabbed me the same was as their live stuff. And the later singles I heard didn't do much for me. But that show the same time you saw them was awesome, especially in a big arena.

    I saw the show in a tiny club with barely 1000 people there it was insane! Matt Bellamy is a madman on stage haha.

  • There we go :)

    The white head belonged to Matthew Bellamy, I believe this is the first Kemper he received, notice the silkscreen "Master" instead of "Output".

    The black head was used by Morgan Nicholls.

    Both have been around the world a few times and have a few battle scars, as well as some failed LEDs

    (edit: removed pic of certificates as I realized they could be used by others)

  • notice the silkscreen "Master" instead of "Output".

    Both have been around the world a few times and have a few battle scars, as well as some failed LEDs

    GREAT! Master/Output is def. Cool !!!

    Have You already contact Kemper Support for the Failing LEDs?

    IF they are part of a certain batch, Kemper Could replace them for free.

    it Happened to me and They replaced them 8 Years later ( I mean my KPA already have 8 years!)

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  • ...hum hum

    Having tried this pack sold for €30.

    Run away !

    -no reference to the songs

    - no performance

    -of the 374 rigs, the most recent (3) date from 2018, 308 rigs date from before 2013...

    -109 rigs are Kempers rigs (selling free stuff, seriously)

    It just smells like a big scam :

    the names of the creators correspond to real names but I really find it hard to believe that these are the sounds used by Muse, my V-amp2 sounds so much better...

  • I think those are legit from what you describe

    I bought two (might sell one soon with its original content), but in total they sold 16

    I saw some profiles floating around the internet, it seems someone shared the contents on social media, since then copies have gone viral.
    It is impossible now to know who's got what, and which rigs were tweaked by users to better suit their needs

    But looking at the contents of mine I can confirm:
    - the band didn't use performances - their rigs are so articulated that they use browser mode and recall rigs by Midi Messages, sent by controllers on and off stage

    - very few reference to songs: they profiled their amps at the settings they liked best, and used them for all their sets

    - most profiles date back to 2013, they probably made the big profiling effort when they got them and performed minor tweaks later on

    - mine still had factory presets, they probably never used them, but couldn't be bothered to erase them

    - my rigs sound great, I doubt that Kemper profiles by a professional sound engineer would sound worse than a V-amp! They are made to sit in the mix in a live situation, that's probably the issue

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