Kemper convert here

  • Kemper newbie here. Picked up a used PowerRack and Remote, coming from several variations of modellers and the like (Helix, Quilter, BluGuitar, Blackstar). I'm running my Kemper on a 1x12 that I'm very familiar with (love that wattage meter!). It's simply incredible sounding. Spent a lot of time in advance getting familiar with functional stuff, reading posts that I knew were related to my setup and live performance needs, watching videos, etc. Performed a complete factory reset after updating software to latest version. All of this BEFORE plugging and playing for the first time. It was difficult to resist, but I knew it was the best way to get my head around the basics. Also, had to fix a loose Remote connection at the network port (an awful design flaw/oversight, btw). Still doing a ton of research regarding nearly every Kemper topic as I progress through my favorites thus far.

    I'm gigging 200+ shows a year, so a pretty heavy schedule. I've got a lot to manage and organize before the Kemper will be in my live setup. Don't want to rush the process, actually. Still gigging my current non-Kemper setup as a necessity (and it will remain a backup), but just did an A/B in my studio out of curiousity. You already know I'm going to say the Kemper is just superb. I have sorted 20 favorite profiles thusfar of various amps and, as with my process during comparison, I turned off all of the effects (particularly post FX: Mods/Reverb/Dly) so I could hear the amp dry and present on the cabinet. The profiles that I've favorited are simply a joy to play, so responsive and musical, and it is so unbelievably good on a proper guitar cabinet. Also, of the FX I have sampled, they are superb, too. Even digging that classic chorus "pedal" in a Pre position. Love the flexibility of the Stomps/Effects sections. I don't quite understand any complaints I've read about the FX. I'm currently running an H90 on my previous rig and have been through many of the top-shelf FX units. All I can add is that the Kemper holds it's own, very respectably, in the FX category. The seemless integration alone is a beautiful thing. The simple spring reverb, itself, is a beautiful thing. Sampling some of the otherworldly reverbs; they are inspiring to play, which IS the point of any piece of gear, right? Inspiration. Keep it coming Kemper.

    I will dig in to navigating and balancing the FOH/monitor sound next. Already having a good handle on the many varied results of FOH/monitor feeds from other modeller type setups I've gigged with, I suspect the Kemper profiles will be amazing in that regard, as well.

    I fully understand the longevity of this platform now; it's in a league of it's own, that "rare air" kind of stuff. AND, the community of profile creators - and you guys with solutions (or potential solutions) to nearly any issue - is a vast and extrememly valuable piece of the Kemper infrastructure this many years on. Anyway, I could ramble on, this love-fest, about how stunning it is, but you guys already know that. Very glad to be in the Kemperverse after so many years of being an observer. Really looking forward to it's professional use in my world. I'll be back for more answers and suggestions, for certain.

  • Thanks for sharing your story and your background. Awesome! Welcome, have fun here in the forum and with your Kemper. Sounds like the fun is already going on, very good! Enjoy this incredible machine as much as most of us here do :thumbup: 8)

  • It‘s always refreshing to read from a guy who knows what matters.

    Indeed Brother Ingy. :thumbup:

    You already know I'm going to say the Kemper is just superb.

    Right-on mate; we knew you were going to say that. :D

    200+ gigs a year is a Helluva schedule man. Congrats.

  • Welcome, you seem much less impulsive than me, I just started gigging with it straight away, but you’re definitely doing it right. On an fx note, two personal favourites are crystal church delays and natural cave reverb. Enjoy man

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  • Hi and welcome to the Kemper Family and

    a lot of fun with your Kemper Rack!

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  • Welcome, yeah those mediocre effects days are well behind us and that’s down to Kempers continued development that shows no signs of slowing.

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    “Laura want to break the internet? let’s shoot another video of you covering the Nightrain solo in the blue singlet, but this time we’ll crank up the air conditioning”.

  • Hey good people, thanks so much for the warm welcome. Yeah, still in research mode, setting up a few performances, understanding the quirks of Rig Manager a little better, getting more familiar with the individual FX. Have narrowed in on a handful of amps that are my base. Crazy good stuff. Hours of trial and error, reading the manual(s) and forum posts to solve this and that issue/question, watching videos, etc. Most importantly, playing it! Truly is a Kemper universe of great value. I'm not yet live with it on the gig grind, but closing in on that option. Some logistical things to organize in that regard, as well. Anyway, thanks again for your kind feedback!

  • Welcome from the UK.

    Couple of things that might help you:

    1) Get a PoE and rack panel ethercon and upgrade the ethernet connector to ethercon. I've had my Kemper 8 years and the only failure was the remote port and its pain to resolve! If you gig that much, definitely something to change. Let me know if you need more details

    2) Balancing Monitor and FOH - you I presumably know you can unlink these so FOH gets a consistent signal ( use the -12db switch for the "right" signal strength to the desk). You can then change monitor volume at will without affecting the sound to FOH.

    3) Check out Morph - I find it very useful live, adds effectively 5 more slots to the existing 5. I use it as a "mild" boost for riffs as I have a slot for solo sounds

    4) Your approach sounds spot on - get a good base sound then worry about effects...

    5) RM is a bit quirky and can be buggy - I think its the area Kemper have the most issues. 50% is understanding how it works as its not always obvious, especially saving. Be assured that the Kemper itself is sooo stable.

    Hope that helps...