Better chorus pack

  • i would like to have an updated better chorus pack like the delay or the reverb pack with different options and models

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  • I don’t think that’s enough. Dream big!

    The whole modulation group should be updated like the reverbs and delays. Including things like flexible rotary speed for fast, slow and ramp. Different wave shapes/symmetry etc. And above all - the ability to have modulation effects ignore tap tempo if desired. I often want to tap tempo delays but not change my modulation speeds.

  • Of course I wouldn't be against an update of the modulation section, but it has always been good enough on the whole.

    The only thing I really found wanting was a slicer effect. The tremolo doesn't do that.


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  • Been using my Fulltone TERC Tri Stereo chorus on a session in my studio recently. Really needs that.

    CK did tell me there is a chorus in there that does the Tri Stereo but when I tried it, it’s nothing like.

    Anything that could default to the ‘Preset’ setting on the actual Tri Stereo with no messing around would be fantastic.

    We also need independent control of pitch and delay on each side of the micro pitch shift in the Kemper.

  • I really miss delay on the chorused efx. In my old setup i had the chorused dignal delayed by 40ms, and it sounded like heaven.

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  • Agreed!

    A tri-stereo chorus addition plus better micropitch will be golden. Generally speaking, a makeover of the modulation effects should be next in line. I have to stack 2 choruses for that big 80s chorus effect.