STEREO RIGS - I don´t want to buy a Quad Cortex

  • WHOA! This is a clever solution which would possibly save me from carrying around two Kempers!

    It's a great workaround and deserves a sticky, since dual independent paths is perhaps the most requested feature from users.

    Thank you again for the tip! Do you mind if I message you for additional information?

    Happy to help.

    I’ll post a video showing this when I get back in town next week.

  • Wow... none of you guys seem to have gotten what the awesomeness of blending-amp tones is ...
    It´s NOT ABOUT STEREO WIDTH (!), but about BLENDING TONES and being able to PAN THEM.

    Ok I'm going to put my 2 cents in.

    If you need stereo rigs, get stereo rigs. A painter needs many brushes to express his art maybe they are even different brands.

    Maybe you need more than one profiler/effects processor.

    You are the artist and only you know what you need. I have more than one effects processor and a few rackmount units that I truly love and use where needed.

    Kemper is not the only thing but it is an amazing piece of kit you must admit.