...so far my favorite speakers to pair with the Kemper

  • I thought i share my little journey, maybe you do, too.

    I guess this could be helpful for everybody.

    What i tried so far to get an speaker on stage, since i simply prefer to have some tone directly on stage and not just rely on the monitors etc.

    I tried


    the Powered Kemper

    an Engl poweramp

    a Hughes and kettner poweramp

    the camplifier

    the mooer tube engine

    the Starfield 5050 stereo poweramp

    a marshall poweramp

    the art sla

    Gallien Krueger Micro Poweramp


    the kemper kone

    the celestion g12k100



    the redcatt 121 findx8

    Celestion Gold back

    Hemp Back

    Cannabis Rex

    and many more....


    Kemper Power Kabinet

    Line6 Powercab

    Mackie HD1531

    and many more i can not remember all

    i tried basically everything since i have the kemper

    So yeah when it comes to poweramps i stayed with the camplifier eventhough it was not my favorite sound

    the winner hands down were the starfield 5050 and the mooer tube engine it is hard to describe but some poweramps are just not that snappy and upfront and the kemper sounds almost too far away if that makes sense to you.

    When it comes to speakers and powered Cabs i often have either the problem of an unflexible tone or speakers with a extended highend and that can lead really ugly feedback, not the nice feedback normal amps give you but a super high one, that is why i totally gave up on speakers with an extended highend ... i love the flexibility with the kemper kone but i simply was not that happy with the nasty feedback, sometimes even at lower volumes. so i looked for flat speakers without an extended highend. This is now my favorite combination. The Redcatt 121FINDx8 + the Kemper kone speaker simulation work surprisingly well together and even without it simply fits super well imo.

    Here is a list of speakers that work well in that regard, for those of you that have the same backstory:

    RedCatt 121 findx8

    Monacor SP-302PA

    Beyma 12CMV2

    Beyma 12MI100

    The first two worked the best for me. Let me know what your favorite setup is :)