Odd behavior after installing Public Beta 10.2.0

  • Hello All,

    I’m experiencing some very strange behavior since installing Beta 10.2.0.

    When my Profiler head is while to my DAW (Logic Pro X) As soon as I hit play or record, the gain setting on my profiler starts increasing at both random points and random amounts during the course of the project. When I return to the beginning of the song, the gain setting returns to where it should be. This happens on ALL projects in both browser and performance mode.

    I’m aware that Beta Version 10.2.0 has added midi to USB audio, but I must point out that I don’t and have NEVER used MIDI with the Profiler or Logic. I’ve tried everything I can think of to stop this, to no avail.

    The only way I cant prevent this is by disconnecting the Profiler from my Mac. But then obviously I can’t use Rig Manager.

    I don’t know if this a bug, but I could do with help!

    Cheers T

  • After more experimentation, I am noticing that when I run my DAW, the slots are changing in performance mode. As previously stated, I don't and have never used midi. Everything was working fine for 6 years until I installed Beta 10.2.0 This is quite clearly a bug. To any mods reading this, please consider this as a "support ticket" as I will only state the same.

    Kind Regards

  • A hardware problem I've noticed and has been reported from many users are on the aging Kempers toasters, the encoders knobs on the face sometimes go out of control and start slowly increasing/decreasing at random the values of things on the front panel (ie master/ monitor volume, etc). Never seen it happen to the gain knob though and the performance swap you describe implies something else is happening, but make sure it's not just the first problem I describe.

    I need to kind of twist those knobs up and down often before I play and pray they won't start randomly rotating during the rehearsal/gig.

  • UPDATE: After trying everything I could possibly think of to resolve my issues with 10.2.0 I finally had to revert back to Release version 10.1.2 and things are back to normal.

    There is clearly a bug within 10.2.0 (at least on my setup) which I hope Kemper will look at.