Profiling Signal Level Clean Vs Distorted

  • I'm trying to profile my Mig-50, and the Kemper just isn't matching the sound at all.

    I did a "clean" profile and had no problems, except for the "Noise Gate Detected" (everybody I talk to apparently gets this error and they just ignore it.)

    But when I set the amp a little hotter, on the breakup edge, the kemper can only profile it super clean or way too distorted and mushy. When I set the output to "Clean" on the Profiling Assistant, the profile I get back is way cleaner than the reference amp. I have the opposite problem when I set it to "Distorted," Where the profile comes out gross, mushy, and not like the reference amp at all.

    Signal chain is Kemper - Amp - Loadbox - Kemper. No pedals, interfaces, DAWs etc. in between

    What am I missing?

  • I was looking to find the Topic for Recommended DI Box for DA Profiles..

    I can't find it Right Now.

    Anyway.. I'll post here if I find it

    I had a similar problem in the past.

    1) If You're Going to get an ''on the breakup edge'' sound set it to Distoted.

    2) I had (still have to be honest) a Behringer Ultra G DI that was in those list but I've never liked the 4x12 Emulation

    I've always preferred to profile just the DA, than add a CAB/IR Later.

    3) I've switched to a Two Notes Torpedo looks better in terms of sound.

    so, Maybe, the Bugera is the weak ring of Your sound Chain and not recommendet for this use (DA profiling)

  • That's possible, but would it not have more to do with the level hitting the front of the amp? Since I'm getting such a big difference in gain levels?

    I was planning to do Direct Amp profiling as well, maybe I'll just skip straight to that.

  • well the kpa auto adjust levels of different profiles..

    It colud be You have to balance profiles after you get them but I guess your problem is more about what You use to profile.

  • using a load box for profiling is not recommended due to the fact that the results are unpredictable.

    Either try standard profiling with a microphone before the cabinet or do a direct amp profile using a compatible DI box like the Kemper Di box.

    The message that a noise gate is detected is not a common one but only shows up when the Profiler detects an issue that could be caused by a noise gate or a noise gate-like circuit in the reference amp.

  • I had this with a modified Carvin i went to a reheasal space and DI profiled it at volume. Kemper box an all. Some amps just do not want to profile right. This Carvin Valvemaster 2 was one of them. Clean profiles have this boomey bass thing an the distortion ch you can get, but it takes experimenting with the volumes. Some amps just profile great an some dont. I read negative feedback architectured amps have the issue