Second Kemper Kabinet

  • Hi,

    I recently purchased some rigs that on the information said were designed to sound better in stereo.

    I have a powered head and a passive Kemper Kabinet

    I play mainly at home, would have a second Kemper Kabinet (it would have to be powered) make a big difference?

    Thansk for any advice.


  • Thanks for the reply dmathews, and forgive my ignornace but what do you mean by a seperate amp module?

    If you use the Direct out as the right channel of stereo, you could take a guitar cable from that to a small amp like a Seymour Duncan Powerstage, TC BAM 200, or similar.

    Then from there a speaker cable to a passive Kabinet.

    Yes, it's more cables, but is a valid option.

  • Ok - understood. Thanks.

    Question still remains - does the stereo sound make a bif difference to the rigs?

    Yes, it can when using the right effects. Not so much with no effects except for more sonic coverage.

    Stereo can be fun at home, but I found it had little value with my band.

  • Stereo is best with headphones or home audio/theater. Nothing moves in relation to your ears so the stereo field and its effect is preserved.

    Live, stereo guitar monitors are basically a meaningless hassle. FOH usually isn't running stereo (even if they take L and R feeds.....I bet they sum them into one channel at the board.) Most rooms aren't good for stereo, either. People on the left and right get half the signal.

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  • i had 2 kemper kabinets, i returned 1. it did not sound any fuller or louder, actually it was the opposite & 1 sounded great. so i use 1

    Were you running them as a L R pair with stereo effects? When I do the difference is really noticeable.

    As mentioned, you wouldn't run stereo in a bar or odd shaped venue, but where people are there to see a show I prefer to have some stereo effects. I know it won't sound the same to people on the left and right, but that's the point.

  • Stereo can make a big difference on sound if you use stereo effects or use a wet/dry or wet/dry/wet setup. For recording mixes in DAW, stereo is a necessity. However, I use studio monitors (stereo) at home in the studio. The Kabinet is best for live performance, or to aggravated the wife from time to time.

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