Kempers are dropping in price

  • Some people don't "need" the money and want to pass on a good thing to someone who otherwise couldn't afford it.

    just a thought...

    I agree. I don't need money. Just a lucrative contract with Sony, EMI, or Universal Music. I'd even take a contract with Sweetwater so I can get my gear at 15% off. ;)

    Larry Mar @ Lonegun Studios. Neither one famous yet.

  • The used price of some gear is seasonal. While the overall trend is down, a couple of times a year there's a rise in Kemper price..... data from Reverb. Peeps having less money due to Christmas/holidays tax time probably have an effect on this.

    What this does show me, is that I got a bargain when I bought my Kemper (I bought just after the release of the Stage which caused a glut of Kempers on the used market - leading to some super bargains !)