What are your preferred headphones for in-ear monitoring?

  • Hi,

    The cable definitely has a short wire inside that section of the cable where the extra plastic provides more support. The cables do work well holding the earphones in place but also have a limited life span. They are not that cheap to replace either… Over time and extended use the wire inside the audio cable itself tends to turn green due to reactions inside the metals. They usually fail on one side before the other through the process of repositioning and placement.

    My current set of 535’s are prone to cutting out on the right side. The input plug and socket on both the wire and the earphone itself, require more regular cleaning than the left side.

    Cables last approximately a year of everyday use.

    Are they good value? Possibly… Do you have much choice? Not really. Aftermarket cables may be no better and many lack the moulding wire that helps fitting significantly. Would I buy Shure again? Not without a hefty discount. The sound is good but the cables are a pain and can fail so you definitely need a spare if playing live.

    Good luck