Player coordination with Rack for live work?

  • So I tried reading the long thread on the Player, I’ve watched 4 or 5 YouTubes on the Player, but I can’t seem to find a clear answer to this: can I load 2 or 3 performances off my Rack to the Player to use it as a small/portable grab n’ go? I have a performance I use for my strat, one for my tele, and one for LP. I don’t use a lot of fx in each (maybe boost or drive, maybe a chorus for cleans, maybe some delay). Can I load those on the player and use it as a limited Rack?

  • - you cannot save performances to the Player, but you can save the 5 rigs first in the pool and then export them and save in to the Player

    -blocks I, II, Del and Rev are imported in the Player, as far as you put you FXs in those blocks, then yes

    If something is too complicated, then you need to learn it better

  • I had ruled the player out because it seemed so limited....but then last night at rehearsal, I didn't particularly like the Blackstar Amp'ed and ended up using the a duff in studio amp....given I only use a few basic sounds, I'm starting to think it might e good solution!