Unexpected & Odd 2x12 Acquisition

  • Beyond my Headrush FRFR-12 and a Marshall AS50, I purged all heavy speakers/amps years ago. For whatever reason, after I got the Kemper Profiler Player I felt a small itch for a smaller traditional cab. It so happened that I saw a pair of Woodson 2x12s at Goodwill. I was instantly struck by their slick vintage style. Very little info about the short-lived-Kustom-owned-company but I read there might be a chance of having some nice alnico Eminence speakers inside. For $80 shipped across the the country, I thought, what the hell.

    Cracked them open and they're just 1975 CTS ceramics. Oh well. But wait, how was I gonna test them? After almost convincing my gullible-self to buy a power amp online, I suddenly remembered I had a mint Crate Power Block in the basement. I had gotten it years back basically as a bonus when buying some pedals from a local guy. Never even plugged it in before. I just hooked everything and brought the oddball rig to life. No tweaks on the Kemper end. WOW. Loud and quite good sounding! I was expecting the bass-end to be really underwhelming to say the least but I dimmed the knob and I was pushing some serious air. I thought the sound would be more muddy than anything. Wrong again! This amp is truly the one and only Crate product I've actually ever been impressed with. Total gem.

    Probably one of the weirdest setups I've ever had (and I've had some interesting ones) but man it is so cool that it all works together so well. It's time to get out all the old & not-so-common pedals I had put away too long ago. I'll be sure to share them next time with pictures too! ;)

    "No socks? No problem."

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  • Nearly all of the guitars on Def Leppard’s Hysteria (which sold 20 *million* copies) were recorded using a Rockman headphone amp.

    As the saying goes…Its not the tool, it’s the craftsman.

    Perhaps the most famous use of ‘crap’ gear to change everything is EVH. Early on, he made a sport out of using supposed junk to create his tones.

    “Without music, life would be a mistake.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

  • I think VOX sold a copy of the deacey some 15-20 years ago. Played it once, but didn‘t really like it. Maybe, because I had Bryan May‘s Sound in mind, but not in my fingers…

    Really? I didn't know anything about this amp since one week ago honestly.. :saint:

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