+6 Months and still no more new Liquid Profile " Amp Channels " (?)

  • Increasing the features of a product does generate new sales...

    If you call it "feature", ok.

    But I cannot see any new "feature".

    I see improvements in the software, yes.

    But some old bugs are still there and they

    are not able to delete them.

    Best example: A TAP button which cannot

    blink correctly in the desired tempo.

    So still a lot of work with the old software,

    but they use the time to offer new devices

    like the Player.

  • What else would you call added features besides…..features?

    Yeah….the tap *light* still blinks out of time. Who knows why. I’ve personally never cared and turned it off in the past. Total non issue for me, but others want it.

    Let’s not pretend the Player was what ‘diverted’ resources from that.

    In the time the tap light has been on the list….which is at least a decade, we’ve seen the Stage, Kone, Kabinet….all-new delays, verbs, distortions, fuzz….9 major OS updates, Liquid Profiles, Rig Manager for Mac, PC, iOS and Android and whatever else.

    If those aren’t mostly new features…..what is?