Cabinet to Use With Kemper Stage

  • Those two units (the only ones to my knowledge today) are able to bring "amp in the room" and this is really their benefit.

    I had the L6 familly before (Variax, Helix LT & Powercab+).

    The design is different cause the "amp in the room" is linked to the unit for the L6, i mean, the Powercab itself simulates it. You choose a blue alnico speaker and there you have it. The advantage is that you can have any modeler/profiler, you just have to disable the speaker simulation and use the Powercab's one.

    The drawback is that if you have many presets/rigs with different speakers, you have to program every midi changing (except if you own a L6 device with L6 link).

    The Kone/Kabinet is "passive", all the data/parameters are send by the Profiler.

    It's easier to program, you just have to change the "imprint" in speaker's block.

    The problem is that it should not bring good/best results with other devices....

    I remember that the Powercab+ was an improvement for my Helix but was not so marvelous for my Kemper Stage.

    IMO, if you only have Kemper devices, go for a Kone/Kabinet. I had done my own powerkabinet just buying a Kone, a closed cabinet and a BAM 200 ;), cheaper ;)

    And : It has be designed to work all together

    If you have other modelers/profilers, hard to answer... Imo, the Powercab is not the best solution neither...