FS/FT: ENGL 820/35 Poweramp

  • Poweramp for modelers Kemper, Axe-FX, Quad Cortex etc. or seperate pre-amp


    - 3u rack mount
    - tube poweramp powered by EL 84s which have been looked upon lately and were deemed fully operational and in no need to replace by a technician
    - 2 x 35 W power

    - 2 channels, each controllable seperately, also with a foot switch (not part of the sale)
    - 2 volume and presence potis for each channel plus one gain/boost switch for the first channel

    Poweramp is in good condition, but used. I'm not the first owner and you can see it's not brand new, which is to be expected by a 20+ yo unit. Has a few sratches and dings, but nothing serious.

    Original pictures will follow.

    I also consider trades with Palmer Macht 402, Matrix GT 800 and similar.

    Pickup in Recklinghausen, Germany. Delivery within Germany approx. EUR 20,-. Delivery within Europe upon request.