Kemper Profiler Player is not charging ipad Air (3rd Generation) over usb

  • Hello, I have tried to charge an Ipad Air (3rd generation) via the USB port of the Kemper Profiler Player. This does not work. It switches on briefly and then the message "Cannot be charged" appears. My iPhone charges fine with it. Has anyone tried this before? Does it work for anyone?

  • Thanks for the answer. I thought i could use it and it was advertised to use as display a pad or phone on stage. I am surprised that this output not deliver necessary power.

    I just tried the cioks 7 usb port under the pedalboard. It works but i am a bit disappointed about the USB output on Kemper player.

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  • In another Forum entre I found:

    The message "Not Charging" on Apple devices is unfortunately a bit misleading.

    Every Profiler device supplies up to 500 mA of current through the USB A connector. This is what a regular phone charger delivers.

    When you connect an iPad on such a source, it will tell you "Not Charging", because your iPad is switched on, showing that message, and drawing most of the currrent for the device itself, being powered. Not much additional (or no) current is left for charging the battery in parallel.

    Now if you switch off your iPad, it will charge using the full 500 mA! But the display is off and would not inform you about that. That's a paradox :)

    Thus you can charge any device on a Profiler up to 100% if there is enough time. But you should keep it switched off during that time.

    But you can also keep a device powered for an indefinete time, it it does not draw too much current. It would not charge then, but it also would not discharge the battery.

    The rule of thumb is, the larger the screen, and the brighter, the more current the device draws.

    I did a test with my iPad Pro 11' a couple weeks ago to power it with my Profiler. I checked and adjusted the screen brightness so that the battery would not discharge, which took some time. Then I let the iPad run with the Profiler Rigmanager App running for 11 hours. It worked!

    The screen brightness was only at one third, but that was still bright enough for a dim stage. The battery load came up from 76% to 82% in these 11 hours. So merely charging, but not discharging. If it was discharging slowly, the screen brightness would draw a bit more than the 500mA of current, and the battery had to support it, until it was empty.

    The iPad showed "Not Charging" for 11 hours, which is about a true statement.

    If I had a smaller tablet, such as an 8' Kindle Fire, I could have the screen brighter, at the same current.

    So it is possible on stage to have a tablet with editor powered by the Profiler the whole night including sound check.


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