Adding New Profiled Rig Info Quicker

  • Forgive me if this has been posted. I don't see a search ability on the forum.

    I got tired immediately of turning the dial through the alphabet to choose and write all the fields for a new rig I profiled.

    So I just put in the amp name, upload to the Rig Exchange (can do this privately) and enter the info there, and download the now apt descriptions back to your Kemper.

    This is the best I can do without an editor and it BEGS the question why Kemper can't just give us the tool to do it on the bench, but I'll take an HTML solution instead of none.

    So that's my tip, if it helps anyone.

    Here it is in more detail if you don't understand that:

    1) Profile your rig
    2) Save just the main amp name, leave any other info unchanged.
    3) Export it to your USB Thumbdrive
    4) Plug your USB Thumbdrive to your Computer
    5) Upload your rig to the Rig Exhange, as a private rig from your USB Thumbdrive
    6) After uploading it you are taken to a page to enter that rigs information. Here's your chance to TYPE! ;) (yeah!)
    7) Download it to your USB Thumbdrive, deleting all other Rigs in your Share folder.
    8 ) Plug that USB Thumbdrive back into your Kemper
    9) Import that rig
    10) No, it's not any different, you CAN delete the original rig you profiled and keep the new one you updated the information on